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Welcome to Jin's Sushi Seafood & Bar,offering our diners a higher end sushi and seafood experience in a space that's modern, but also cozy and welcoming to guests and their families.

In addition to a large 2,000-square-foot kitchen, the 6,200-square-foot restaurant features two substantial dining areas both of which flank the restaurant's full service bar, where guests can enjoy sushi or gather to watch the game on the bar's television.

The bar, which incorporates a double-sided water feature, offers a full complement of draft beer (Japanese, craft and macro), wine and sake along with a menu of signature cocktails, including the Japanese cocktail (c.1862) made with cognac, orgeat, lemon and bitters; a lychee martini and Jin's old fashioned made with Mars Iwai 45 Japanese whisky, mirin, orange, bitters and club soda.The bar sits astride a wall of polished tanks which house the restaurant's supply (often hundreds) of fresh lobsters, which are delivered to the restaurant weekly, along with a variety of other live seafood including scallops, mussels and oysters.

The decor throughout the restaurant is well appointed and filled with detail work, including the artful floor to ceiling cherry tree which greets guests with bows filled with realistic looking blooms that look as if they're being swept across the front of the restaurant by an artful wind.

Please come enjoy the freshest sushi and seafood you will find in the local area. We also offer online ordering for those that want to enjoy our cuisine at home. Enjoy a 10% discount off your first online order!

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Customer Reviews

E Daddy

AWESOME SUSHI! This is definitely a new favorite place to visit! They have only been open 3 days so they were struggling a little bit with getting the orders out timely and to the correct table, I totally didn't care. The wait staff was great, very pleasant and very helpful.

Dan Chen

It's so nice to have a new restaurant like this in the town. They have delicious food, excellent service and great environment. Yet they have very reasonable, I would say cheap, price on top of those fantastic features. I would really recommend this to everyone.

Zachary M.

Decided to check out the lunch special AYCE today. Service and quality of food was excellent. Very fresh tasting salmon, tuna, and crab. We ordered a variety of rolls and appetizers.

Lei J.

The seafood is really fresh. There's also many varieties. The sushi is also cold when served and they taste fantastic. The tables are also very clean and the service and the staff are fast and friendly.